Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Left Bank Girl Two Year Anniversary - And Au Revoir!

Left Bank Girl is two years old today! I had always wanted to write about Paris and when we came up with the name it seemed the perfect time and way to start it. It evolved from posting photos from my trips to writing the 5 Cool Tips, to fashion week and street style summaries, profiles of designers, French girl styles muses and backgrounds on everything from parks to tourist sites. There were Paris apartments and dream restaurants and amazing hotels.  

Paris: The Seine and the Tour Eiffel

And with two years and about 500 posts, I have decided to end Left Bank Girl.  I've written what I've wanted to about Paris, and even wrote about fashion weeks and other cities I visited. It's been so fun to write about my favorite city and I've learned so much in my research. Yet it seems a good place to stop, as I don't want writing about it to become a chore or lessen my love for it. I am going to Paris in a couple of months too, after all!

Friday, September 23, 2016

5 Cool Insider Tips About Paris #58: McCafe, Galliano Boutiques and Rooftop Garden

Friday's here! And that means another 5 Cool Tips About Paris for your enjoyment. I was away for work this week but I wanted to get another post up for you. So short and sweet this time but lots of fun items! You can try a McDonalds where burgers and fries aren't on the menu, and then visit a concept store that's for men only! Galliano has two new stores in Paris, and there's a cozy hotel on the Left Bank to try after all that shopping. And only a rooftop garden at Le Bon Marche could top the shopping!

McMacarons anyone?

1. Fancy McCafe in Paris: There are McDonalds all over Paris, and now we have yet another one. But this one is different: don't expect to find burgers or fries here! Instead there will be soups, sandwiches and salads, along with a plethora of desserts. Look for pastries, macarons, tiramisu, flan, and much more. This special McDonalds will be located on Rue Rambuteau in the center of Paris and can seat up to to 30. McMacarons anyone? I had a macaron at a McDonalds once in Paris and it was excellent! Read more here!

Monday, September 19, 2016

New York Fashion Week Spring 2017 Continues: Kors to Prouenza Schouler to Jacobs

New York Fashion Week continued with an abundance of astounding attire! We were bowled over by Kors and Burch, Coach and Marc Jacobs. Here's a peak into what's happened since my last post on the exciting week! There's glamour, rebels, Palm Beach princesses, and a Marc Jacobs rave, of course!

Micheal Kors above and more below:

Friday, September 16, 2016

5 Cool Insider Tips About Paris #57 - Faubourg-Saint-Denis, Nuit Blanche and Fashion Exhibits

Welcome to another 5 Cool Insider Tips about Paris! We start this week by venturing to the Faubourg Saint-Denis neighborhood, and then trying a re-opening of a restaurant near the Grand Palais. Talk about diverse locations! Then we look for the cheapest beer in Paris by, yes, using a Metro Map. Get your rest because we will stay up all night with art installations near the Seine, and we venture all over France for the latest fashion retrospective exhibits!

Arch at Faubourg-Saint-Denis

1. Rue du Fauborg Saint Denis: Looking for a colorful and diverse street after all the commerce of Avenue Montaigne? France Today recommends rue du Faubourg-Saint-Denis! This vibrant microcosm is on the Right Bank, with the Louis XIV triumphal arch marking the boundary at the bottom of the street. Migrants and refugees from Alsace first came here after it fell to the Germans in 1871, then Jews and Arabs, Turks, Indians, Africans, Chinese, and Pakistanians followed. Today, bohemians and hipsters add to the mix, wandering the plethora of hip local establishments.